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Carmen Porta and Whitney Rose star in this captivating story about young girl who is stalked by an erie, dark figure until finally confronted in a case of mistaken identity. The attacker, determined to kill her, launches a relentless attack, but is met with furious resistance by her quarry.

Awesome action between these two performers in their first time shooting together.

Starring Carmen Porta and Whitney Rose.

Release: May 25, 2016
Genre: Action
Category: FvF Combat
Clip Length: 16:54
Total Time: 19:36
Format: WMV (874 MB)

Carmen Porta & Whitney Rose




Kicks, head & stomach punches, knees • Ground Pound • Reverse Throatlift • Scissorhold • Bearhug • Choking • Setup Music Only

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1 Comment on "BACKLASH"



Max wrote:
Thursday, May 26, 2016 11:11 PM

This is another virtual all-Carmen project (though the blooper reel indicates that mentor John Connor provided guidance during the shoot).  This opens with some suspense, even becoming surreal before the beatdown commences.  Carmen plays a spooky psychotic, first seen in weird outfit and even weirder dark glasses.  She is fixated that somehow Whitney is someone she has to kill, even though she appears to be after the wrong target.  Foolishly, she materialises unarmed and has picked on a girl who, though not willing to seek out trouble, seems she can well take care of herself.  Eventually, Whitney realises that attack is her best method of defence.  This is slightly longer than average (and good to see that again the opening is outdoors), yet it all goes by very quickly, the action being typically fast and furious, plus a geat bearhug too.  A tribute to Carmen's ever-developing directing skill under JC's tutelage.  Don't miss Carmen's-to-camera message to delight her fans (I believe that including such at the end is unique in a FG2K production).





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