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A young woman breaks down on a deserted road, then calls for assistance and is met with a less than competent repair person. When she demands her money back, the mechanic refuses and an all out brawl ensues.

This is one of Rochelle Cassidy's best directing efforts (and that says a lot) - and she was really "in a zone" with her choreography for this one. And Malika & Medusa turn in outstanding performances as well!

Starring Malika Ioana and Medusa Lee.

Release: September 4, 2015
Genre: Action
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 15:23
Total Time: 17:23
Format: WMV (743 MB)

Medusa Lee



  Series Arc:

Breakdown  |  Breakdown II


Female fighting, girlfight, martial arts, gut punching, kicks, knees, elbows, ground pound • Setup Music Only

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2 Comments on "BREAKDOWN II"




Brian 007.5 wrote:
Wednesday, September 09, 2015 4:54 PM

This new mini-movie from FightGirlz is a brilliant one and it has been directed by Rochelle Cassidy who has thought it out really well.  The action takes place entirely outdoors in a nice woodland setting somewhere in Virginia.  Medusa's Honda breaks down and after waiting for two hours Malika arrives in her Dodge pick-up truck.  She looks like a very competent mechanic - probably the best one in the whole of Virginia!  After fixing the car, Malika drives off.  Then Medusa's car will not start up!  After some time, Malika returns and she is not at all pleased at having to do this as she had planned an evening out with friends.  This time, Malika is dressed more casually, with a colourful top and some nice sporty-looking longer-length blue denim jean shorts - just perfect for a hillbilly girl to wear in an all-out fist-fight!!!  This soon begins, and the action is fast-paced with lots of very hard solid punches landing on the jaws of both Girlz and there are plenty of kicks as well.  At the end, one of the Girlz is suddenly knocked out, but in an unexpected way!  Very nice music at the beginning, outstanding performances from Malika and Medusa, and excellent camera angles showing us lots of interesting features !!!

Max wrote:
Thursday, October 01, 2015 3:48 PM

As Brian 007.5 says, a good professional job all round and so nice to see it taking place entirely out of doors.  One identifies with Medusa trying to attend a family get-together but gets stranded, baking and fuming, her frustration mounting as she waits and waits... It's possible that the surgical glove on Malika's left arm was worn for real during the shoot but it fits in nicely with the part of a mechanic who's probably ham-fisted even at repairing her own truck!  That doesn't prevent her from getting solid right hooks in when things boil over.  The punches and kicks and sounds of them landing by both Girlz choreographed to perfection in true FG2K style.







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