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A young woman escapes from the state penitentiary and is now on the run with her brainless boyfriend, and authorities are in hot pursuit. Their plan is to find the closest highway and hitchhike to another state, but they decide to hold up for the night in an abandoned warehouse first. Soon their differences on how to find the highway leads to a brawl, one that the fugitive seems to enjoy.

Excellent performances again by both Kaycie and Ian, as well as some great combat action in this one. And we believe you'll enjoy some of the humorous twists as well.

Starring Kaycie Reign and Ian Johnson.

Release: February 12, 2016
Genre: Action/Comedy
Category: Mixed Combat
Clip Length: 15:21
Total Time: 16:09
Format: WMV (710 MB)

Kaycie Reign




Kicks, head & stomach punches, elbows, knees • Ground Pound • Scissorhold • Choking • Setup Music Only

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1 Comment on "BREAKOUT"


malbuff wrote:
Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:47 PM

Reminds me of Jamie Lynn Stewart beating up her boyfriend after he drove her new car into a swamp. :-)




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