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Lena Marie marks her return to our fold with a great performance about a woman who takes offense to a local wiseguy who flirts and whistles at her. Annoyed, she immediately confronts him, and he makes an even bigger mistake by then trying to rob her at gunpoint. She quickly disarms him, and proceeds to utterly destroy him, trash-talking throughout the demolition of her opponent.

As you'll see in this clip, Lena hasn't lost her touch during her hiatus! And if you like one-sided brawls, this clip is for you!

Starring Lena Marie and Brad Bartlett.

Release: December 5, 2016
Genre: Action
Category: Mixed Combat
Clip Length: 16:18
Total Time: 17:50
Format: WMV (795 MB)

Lena Marie & Brad Bartlett




Kicks, head & stomach punches, elbows, knees • Ground Pound • Choking • Throatlift • Some Music

  Series Arc:

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9 Comments on "CALAMITY IV"



brayden s wrote:
Monday, December 05, 2016 3:13 PM

ONE OF THE BEST YOU HAVE EVER MADE.  More females doing throatlifts on males.

Sund wrote:
Monday, December 05, 2016 5:01 PM

Lena really looked the part: all-woman and lethal in combat.  This was a thrilling video!

LAZY CAT wrote:
Monday, December 05, 2016 7:20 PM

I would Whistle at her too, she is Hot

LAZY CAT wrote:
Monday, December 05, 2016 11:26 PM

I might flirt a little also.  It is worth the beating that she would bring.

brayden s wrote:
Tuesday, December 06, 2016 8:46 PM

@LAZY CAT - agreed

cape16121982 wrote:
Thursday, December 08, 2016 11:01 AM

OMG nice strong woman and throatlift.  Thanks FightGirlz.

niknok wrote:
Thursday, December 08, 2016 11:45 AM

bought the other three and i must say Id let Carmen, Malika and Lena gang up on me at once

ninetryfe wrote:
Saturday, December 10, 2016 2:49 AM

Nice work!  Can't wait to see a SLEEPERHOLD compilation this time around! 

Joe wrote:
Saturday, December 17, 2016 2:12 PM

Mixed matches are the best!  Love to see a fit woman dominate in the strength department.  Love to see a nice long bear hug on a guy, by your beautiful, fit models, as well as a good, long body scissor.  How about, for future videos, incorporate "bodyslam" type lifts (female lifting a male)? (i.g. "Slam" him onto a mat or couch or table).  Make it a nice long lift, where she has him parallel to the ground (showing off her strength in the ability to hold him in a lift) before dropping him.  That would be cool!  Thanks for all of your productions -really good story lines and performances!  You guys always do a great job and we all appreciate it!





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