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Carmen Porta is purrrfect once again, reprising her role as Catwoman. This time, she hits a jewelry store and makes off with millions in diamonds. But her hapless assistant expects to receive  half the booty, and when Catwoman refuses, things become a CAT-aclysmic CAT-astrophe (sorry, we just had to) for her.

Carmen Porta turns in another of her usual, brilliant performances, and Gia Diablo plays the doltish thug to a tee. As for action, this clip also has the whole Kitten Kaboodle (there we go again), including a full-body throatlift, great stunts and a few impressive strength moves by Gia!

Starring Carmen Porta and Gia Diablo.

Release: December 16, 2015
Genre: SuperVillians
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 16:20
Total Time: 18:54
Format: WMV (802 MB)

Gia Diablo & Carmen Porta




Kicks, head & stomach punches, knees • Full-body Throatlift • Choking • Scissorhold • Ground Pound • Feats Of Strength • Setup music only

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1 Comment on "CATNIPPED V"



Max wrote:
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 2:10 PM

Carmen not only plays probably her most celebrated role but arranges the music and other background stuff. The opening continues in this series to make cunning use of the mood-setting Hans Zimmer theme, familiar from the Batman movies (i.e. the recent franchise). Fightgirlz's Catwoman is at it again as a split personality creation who specializes in adroit non-violent robbery but is not averse to a tough scrap whenever the loot she hauls in is contested. Carmen is again superb as she treats her slow-witted but stronger accomplice with contempt like a doormat. Gia plays her role tongue firmly in cheek as a DC Comics type hired black-clad gruff thug in tight shiny pants, in keeping with that 'fetishy' tone we get in Catwoman escapades. 'Doormat' is obviously being fobbed off and the ensuing scrap over who gets what turns really vicious. Catwoman literally unsheathes her claws. The comedy is certainly darker in here and I recommend that this episode is given a try.





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