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In this custom-ordered video, a former soldier faces a firing squad for her conviction on multiple capital murder charges. But she manages to escape and is eventually tracked down by her former drill sergeant, who does her best to bring the disgraced soldier back to face her sentence: Death by firing squad.

More great action by these two, as they continue to work so well together. In fact, there is a solid two-minute sequence which was completely improvised by both Girlz. And neither has ever looked more beautiful.

Starring Malika Ioana and Eva Montana.

Release: July 13, 2015
Genre: Action
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 14:26
Total Time: 15:48
Format: WMV (710 MB)

Eva Montana & Malika Ioana




Kicks, head & stomach punches, knees • Ground Pounds • Choking • Scissorhold • No Background Music

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2 Comments on "FIRING SQUAD"




Max wrote:
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 11:05 PM

With even briefer credits, this gets straight to it.  So, is Eva the bad girl or isn't she?  Looks like a sequel may be in the offing before we find out.  Good build-up of suspense as one enters the shack in pursuit of the other ("She's behind you!").  These girls, as cop and fugitive, are fast becoming the best latest twosome (I enjoyed the momentary mutual throttling ).  This is an exciting slugfest (and wrestling for the baton contest) which could go either way.  Cop lady Malika has best line, snarling to quarry under death sentence charge ("...just going to keep adding more charges").  Both hit the ground harder than ever as they tussel to exhaustion, adding to the raw realism.

Brian 007.5 wrote:
Friday, August 07, 2015 2:40 PM

This new mini-movie from FightGirlz is a very good one with lots of hard-hitting action to be seen.  The story is by JOS and he has done really well with it.  (He also did the story for "GRADUATION DAY II" and this video has always been one of my favourite productions!).  Malika and Eva fight it out excellently in this back-and-forth punch-out that really is a long slugging match between the two of them.  Eventually one of the Girlz begins to out-punch the other one until she is totally defeated by a huge left punch that finishes her off - knocked out cold!!!  Great acting by these two Girlz, and it would be nice to see a sequel in the near future. 








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