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Two escapees from a state penitentiary are on the run, determined never to be recaptured. But they soon differ on who will be leading the escape attempt, which leads to an all-out, back and forth brawl. Great combat action, as well as a great outdoor (finally!) setting.

Newcomer Malika Ioana makes her jaw-dropping debut in this clip, showing great acting abilities and combat skills. And Eva Montana has never been better.

Starring Eva Montana and Malika Ioana.

Release: May 28, 2015
Genre: Action
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 16:14
Total Time: 17:27
Format: WMV (772 MB)

Malika Ioana




Kicks, head & stomach punches, knees • Ground Pound • Bearhug • Throatlift • NO BACKGROUND MUSIC

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4 Comments on "FUGITIVES II"



jgruer90 wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2015 12:55 AM

Definitely want to see Malika again!  Maybe in some short shorts or a skirt next time? :)

Downhill Racer wrote:
Friday, May 29, 2015 2:05 AM

OMG, where did you find this knockout beautiful Malika???  Her beauty and combat skills are the best yet!  More!  More!

Brian 007.5 wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2015 6:18 PM

In this latest FightGirlz mini-movie we see an excellent fight between these two very well matched Girlz, Eva and Malika.  Malika makes her jaw-dropping debut in this production and she is a great new addition to the FightGirlz Fist-Fighting Family!!!  The outdoor woodland setting, with the crackling leaves, is an excellent location for this battle between Eva and Malika.  This fight is very realistic with huge solid swinging punches, and some kicks, from these two strong Girlz.  The camera angles are very good as always.  This production has been filmed on a rather windy day, but nevertheless it is a very good one.  I'm looking forward to seeing these two Girlz fighting it out together in many new productions over the coming months!  Their really good hard punching is first-rate !!!

Max wrote:
Sunday, May 31, 2015 6:56 PM

Interesting to watch how Malika fares against Eva's powerful punches and agree, based on jgruer90s comment, that the new girl would look hot in (say white) shorts or skirt (with riding boots?).  Nice full shot bearhug.  There's return too to a throatlift and in a suitably brief moment there's a nice shift to POV to again increase the variety of the action.  This is a good-looking mini movie which has expanded locality like the first Fugitives, starting grimly (e.g. the sniper equipped female lookout in the borrowed prison footage) and ends pretty identically, but with new girls and with generous fight length action.  This builds up bit by bit and the performances go from strength to strength as they scrap to near-exhaustion.  Busy writer/director/editor John with his usual good humour ribs Malika:- "Congratulations! Blooper # 1" (the familiar end credit goofs as ever are a bit of fun in themselves). 





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