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In this custom ordered release, Carmen Porta portays a hired "leg-breaker" prepared to do business as usual. Her client hires her to bust up a total stranger without providing any information as to who she is, why she's there or who hired her. The mental frustration, combined with the pain endured blow after blow, is a recipe of one helluva twisted, one-sided beatdown.

This is domination at its finest. Malika Ioana is completely powerless against her tormentor, and Carmen throws all of her power into each big punch, not holding anything back.

Starring Carmen Porta and Malika Ioana.

Release: May 18, 2017
Genre: Action
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 16:47
Total Time: 18:38
Format: WMV (826 MB)

Carmen Porta & Malika Ioana




Kicks, head & stomach punches, elbows, knees • Ground & Pound • Headslams • One-Sided Beatdown • No Background  Music

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3 Comment on "MASSACRE"



Roberto wrote:
Thursday, May 18, 2017 5:40 PM

OH MY GOD!  WOW!  ONE OF BEST VIDEOS OF THIS YEAR!  BUY IT!  It is on par with "CITY CHAMP" that for me was the best one (not including the POVs) of 2017 until now.  It has all the elements that I like in a video...a really brutal one-sided beatdown (MASSACRE is the right title!), great damages rendered (a lot of blood and bruises), and a lot of punches in the face that it is what I like the most.  Now to the girls: CARMEN is smokin' hot...she wears black shorts and top, she is breathtaking sexy, she has a body to drive any man crazy , and when she plays an evil role, she is simply irresistible!  MALIKA is super sexy as well, wearing shorts that leave her beautiful legs uncovered, and her acting is pure perfection...nobody sells the victim role as well as her!  This video seems like a gift for me because it contains all that I love to see in a video...thanks to Carmen, Malika and John for an outstanding video!  BTW, it is acted by my most favorite girls...I can't ask for more.  If you love the F/F one-side beatdowns, do not waste any more time and buy it!  Final words: I own about 160 videos, and I have seen the trailers of all the FG2K releases, and I have never seen another one-side beatdown as great as this; of course these are my personal tastes and opinions.

Alex Maynard wrote:
Saturday, May 20, 2017 3:26 PM

Really good!  More like this please!

Kent wrote:
Monday, May 22, 2017 11:36 AM

Really spectacular!  I love the premise and the action.  Please make more like this.  Maybe a new series.






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