Ever wonder what it would be like to take on Raphaela Chevi yourself? Well here's your chance to step into the ring with the beautiful and powerful Raphaela, as she absolutely wrecks you in this outstanding POV (Point Of View) fight that demonstrates just how tough she is.

Using her bare fists and trash talking all the way, Raphaela shows amazing power, strength and skills as she pounds and kicks her way to KO after KO over you using an assortment of punches, one and two-handed throatlifts, kicks and chokes that will leave you beaten to a pulp. She even decides to lift you overhead and do a few squats just for a little extra exercise. Great job by Raphaela in this release!

Starring Raphaela Chevi.

Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: POV
Category: Mixed Combat
Clip Length: 15:50
Total Time: 17:13
Format: WMV (776 MB)

Raphaela Chevi




Bare-fisted fighting • Kicks, head & stomach punches • Feats of Strength • Throatlift • Ground Pounds • Trash Talking • Lift & Carry • Squats • Flexing


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Roberto wrote:
Saturday, October 14, 2017 4:32 AM

This is a special type of POV video ... FG2K offers many POV videos (nobody has a POV offerings like FG2K ... they have no competition), all of them are good, some are better than the others (with special mention for the CRUSHED BY CARMEN series).  But few of the FG2K POV are "special" in my opinion, as theirs have something more, and this is due to the performance of the actresses who acted in them ... specifically I'm speaking about the ones interpreted by Raphaela and Melissa.  Before I speak about Raphaela (and this video in particular), let me say something about the Melissa POVs; both of them were choreographed by her, and what makes them special is the trash talking and how she mocks you while destroying you.  Other POVs here contain trash talking but the Melissa ones (and Raphaela ones as well) are really different ... it is what (and how) that they say that makes them special.  Accept my advice ... it doesn't matter how old are they, if you love POVs do yourself a favor and buy both of them.  Now, to Raphaela and to this video ... let me start saying that I love Raphaela (I'm crazy about her!) and I'm a big fan of hers.  This video (as is the case in her first one, RAVAGED BY RAPHAELA) is full of what I call "Raphaela style"; normally POVs are full of almost continuous action, but Raphaela ones are different.  Often she stops the action to speak with you (she is a fantastic talker ... memorable was in RAVAGED BY RAPAHELA when she says "give you face a break"), to flex and show you her great biceps, or do other things (for example some bending on the ground).  As I wrote before, what she says and how she says it is what makes the dialogue special. In this video, as per my request, she flexes and shows her biceps many times ... also during these scenes, her "speaking" style is special; you should really see this video to fully understand what I'm talking about.  Also, when she is beating you, her expressions are great.  A fantastic video for all POV (and Raphaela) lovers ... you should buy both of her POV videos to really appreciate this magnificent, gorgeous girl.  I would love to kiss her feet to thank her for having agreed to make this video.  Very good and perfectly acted are also the MALIKA ones ... you'll love to be beaten by this sexy and hot girl!





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