Trailer - "THREE'S A CROWD:  Vol. 3"




"THREE'S A CROWD:  Vol. 3"

This one has something for everyone! FOUR great fights in one release highlight this video about a thief who's not afraid to take on anyone who gets in her way.

Rochelle Cassidy shines as only she can, first confronted by a homeowner who catches her burglarizing his home. To his dismay, he is quickly overpowered and subsequently demolished by his foe. 

Then, a neighbor (Aria Martinez) comes along and takes over for Rochelle, landing huge blows and kicks that rock the hapless dude into a near-coma. Not to be outdone, Rochelle soon re-enters the fray, with both Girlz working the guy over together, taking turns landing powerful kicks and punches that eventually results in a huge, double-punch knockout.

But it doesn't end there: Both Girlz quickly announce they are the superior figther between them, and within seconds engage in an all-out brawl which eventually determines which one of them really is the best. 

Starring Rochelle Cassidy, Aria Martinez and Philip Pierce.

Release: May 15, 2013
Genre: Action
Category: FvF, Mixed
Clip Length: 16:33
Total Time: 18:42
Format: WMV (843 MB)

Rochelle Cassidy




Bare-fisted fighting • Kicks, head & stomach punches, elbows, knees • Bearhug • Reverse Throatlift • Choking • FvM • F&FvM • FvF • Flexing & Posing

  Episode Arc:

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4 Comments on "THREE'S A CROWD:  Vol. 3"



stranraer9 wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2013 4:43 AM

the hottest fights are the one sided fem fights !

DownhillRacer wrote:
Thursday, May 16, 2013 6:22 PM

All I can say is - wow.  Great job, folks.  I've purchased a number of your videos, and this is up there with some of your best!

Max wrote:
Thursday, May 30, 2013 5:17 AM

Having a guy in the mix assists variety.  Of course the poor schmuck is there to trigger off the main event, another lively bout between the regular twosome I'm happy to say!  Nifty camera-work adds to the enjoyment and perhaps the warring neighbours will declare a truce after the Rochelle "rocket attack" so to speak.  Good work all of you.

JimboUSofA wrote:
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 3:25 AM

Such realism.






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