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Being generous doesn't always pay off when you realize you're being taken advantage of. In this release, a girl decides her roommate's visiting friend has overstayed her welcome, so she insists that she give the girl a week to move out. The visitor doesn't take kindly to this and becomes enraged. Infuriated by the girl's lack of gratitude, the two roommates make their unwanted guest regret ever refusing to leave. 

Great action in this one, gang, including some great ground work, another full-body throatlift by Alexis and some very cool stunts and combat choreography.

Starring Malika Ioana, Stevie Fox and Alexis Hart.

Release: August 1, 2016
Genre: Action
Category: Female Combat
Clip Length: 17:20
Total Time: 19:28
Format: WMV (868 MB)

Alexis Hart, Malika Ioana
and Stevie Fox




Head & belly punches, and kicks • Scissorhold • Bearhug • Extended, full-body throat lift • Ground work/grappling/wrestling • Ground pound • No background music

  Series Arc:

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4 Comments on "THREE'S A CROWD: Vol. 4"



female feet,wrestling&games wrote:
Tuesday, August 02, 2016 11:24 AM

that was hot, especially the bearhug!

Avi L wrote:
Tuesday, August 02, 2016 3:02 PM

Wow, the girl in the gray shirt is really strong!!

Richard 12384 wrote:
Monday, August 15, 2016 12:54 PM

Love The Way Those Women Hit Each Other On The Jaw! That's What i Call Real Women!

Brian 007.5 wrote:
Friday, August 19, 2016 4:57 PM

This new mini-movie is full of exciting action as Stevie and Alexis fight it out with Malika.  Malika is given a week to move out of the house because she hasn't been contributing financially at all, and this annoys her!  She hits Alexis with the first punch in this conflict and then the fighting really gets going as the two of them battle it out with fist-fighting, wrestling, and lots of grappling! Stevie then returns to the house and the fighting continues - Stevie vs. Malika this time!  There's lots of back and forth fist-fighting, kicks, etc., and then Alexis joins in the battle again.  Stevie and Alexis then both fight Malika together, but by now Malika is exhausted and has no fight left in her at all!  However, she is a tough girl and it takes 78 punches on the jaw to finish her off!  This is one of the best FightGirlz productions ever made.







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